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My promise to you: 🔥 Learn how to become a storytelling master! Attract 100 leads in just 5 days with my proven daily strategy. Dominate your leads using stories for the rest of the year. 

Don't just attract them, make them fall in love with your brand then sell them! 💯💥📈

Challenge Starts Live June 26th

Let me help you Generate 20+ Leads Per Day In Just 20 Mins A Day 

Using The Exact Strategies I use and TEACH 10,000's Network Marketers To Generate Over 1 Million Leads In Just 5 Days in our previous challenges.

Here's what you can expect to conquer during the Lead Slayer Challenge:
1️⃣ Mastering Call-to-Actions: Discover how to craft compelling and effective call-to-actions that drive engagement, generate leads, and lead to increased sales 🤑 and recruits. Say goodbye to confusion and hello 👋 to impactful storytelling that compels your audience to take action.

2️⃣ Crafting Captivating Content: Gain clarity on exactly what to post and say on your stories to captivate your audience's attention. Learn how to tell stories that resonate, create a connection, and position yourself as an authority in your niche.

3️⃣ Increasing Story Views: 🔓Unlock the secrets to increasing your story views and expanding your reach on Instagram™ and Facebook™. Gain exposure to a wider audience, grow 📈 your following, and attract potential leads and recruits.

4️⃣ Converting Viewers Into Buyers and Recruits: Learn the art of conversion as we guide you through proven techniques to turn your viewers into loyal customers and valuable 🤩 team members. Transform your story viewers into revenue-generating assets 💸 for your business.

5️⃣ Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence: Break free ✨ from the fear of showing your face and speaking in your stories. Gain the confidence 💪 to authentically present yourself, share your unique story, and connect with your audience 💞 on a deeper level.

6️⃣ Crushing the Boredom Barrier: Uncover exciting ways to showcase your life, even if you feel like it's mundane 😐. Discover the secrets 🔑 to making your stories engaging, interesting, and irresistible to your audience.

👉 By the end of this challenge, you'll be armed with the knowledge and skills to revolutionize your business through Instagram™ and Facebook™ stories. 

Join a community of like-minded individuals on a journey to elevate their social selling and network marketing efforts. 👏

Together, we will overcome the hurdles 🏃‍♀️ and create a powerful online presence that attracts leads, generates sales, and drives recruits.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business and conquer the world 🌎 of Instagram™ and Facebook™ stories. 

Over 50% of businesses on Instagram worldwide create stories every month. Don't let your competitors steal the spotlight while you're left behind. It's time to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool!


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Instagram™ stories have over 500 million daily active users, and Facebook™ stories have over 300 million daily active users. That's a huge pool of potential leads and customers waiting to discover your amazing products or join your team!


  • Think You Don’t Have The Skills Or Knowledge To Effectively Market & Promote Your Products Or Opportunity on Stories
  • Are Unsure of How To Approach Telling Stories  To Build Relationships With Your Viewers from Instagram and Facebook 
  • ​Are Afraid of Showing Your Face on Stories 
  • ​Are worried that your life is boring and no one cares what you do all day 
  • ​Worry What Others Will Think About You Showing Up In your Stories Daily 

The LEAD SLAYER STORY MASTERY 2023 CHALLENGE Will Help You BULLETPROOF Your Mind So Your Stories Keep Your Viewers wanting more every single day!

I Gotchu, Boo!

We’re Going To Have You Telling Stories Like You Were Born For Your OWN REALITY show! 

What Your June 26th - June 30th 
Will Look Like SO YOU GET THOSE 100 LEADS!

Replay access for each day free for 48 hours with option to upgrade to lifetime recordings

Take A Peek Inside:

Day 1:
Call-to-action conundrum: Unsure how to use effective call-to-actions in your stories? We've got you covered! We'll show you the exact strategies to create compelling CTAs that will have your audience taking action and driving those sales and recruits.

Day 2
Content creation quandary: Struggling with what to post and say in your stories? No worries, we'll help you brainstorm captivating content that resonates with your audience and positions you as the go-to expert in your niche.

Day 3
Views and conversions mystery: Ever wondered how to get more views on your stories and convert those viewers into loyal customers or recruits? We'll reveal the secret sauce to boosting your story views and turning your audience into raving fans and valuable team members.
Day 4:
Overwhelm and fear factor: Feeling overwhelmed with where to start and fearful of showing your face or speaking in your stories? We've all been there! We'll guide you step-by-step, building your confidence and helping you overcome those fears, so you can authentically connect with your audience.

On Day 5
Banishing boredom blues: Think your life is too ordinary to showcase on stories? Think again! We'll help you uncover the magic in your everyday life, making your stories engaging and irresistible to your audience. No more boring stories!

And to add a cherry to the cake, you will be getting Our Complete Stories To Sales workbook to give you clarity and actionable steps to take every single day to create stories that help you get 🔥 hot leads FAST!

PLUS A NEW BONUS we've just added: You will be getting your very own personal concierge who will ensure you are consistent during your daily action steps and doing the right steps to get 100 leads on your list in just 5 days.   

Before the clock below hits ZERO:


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Dear Network Marketer, Direct Seller, or Social Seller

Get TARGETED leads and sales from social media when you are  CONFIDENT AF.  

Even if it seems like nobody sees you because of your small following or low engagement

Or you get cold feet when it’s time to talk about your business or ask for the sale...

No Matter What Your Struggle…

My PROVEN Story Selling Strategy Delivers Real TARGETED Leads & Sales Over and Over For Network Marketers Of All Experience Levels and Audience Size so you can DOMINATE.

If the thought of  20-100+ Leads Per Day In 20 mins a day got your heart racing, blood pumping, and you're wondering if somebody is playing trickery on you...

...then close all other tabs, send the kids to their daddy or nanny, close the door because you are about to read the most exciting opportunity you’ve heard all year


I Am Going To Teach You The Most Effective & Easiest Process Of PRESENCE & POSTURE That I, My Clients And My Team Use Every Single Day To Create A Constant And Consistent Flow Of HOT Targeted Leads And Sales…

Without Becoming Spammy Tammies. 

The Best Part About This Process Is That You Can Succeed Even If You’re An Introvert, Even If You Don’t Have A Big Audience Of Your Ideal Clients…

Even If You Don’t Have Confidence Right Now…

It’s So Easy You Can’t Fail And You WILL DOMINATE With Your Business

Marina Simone has been featured in:

Give Me 20 Mins Each Day For 5 Days…

And you will be able to connect with 20-100+ high-quality leads per day. 

And in 5 days together with me, I want to hand over these strategies so you can copy and paste them to...


Like Chantel here… ("I have many new followers, I can’t keep up. Good problems to have.")

Challenge Starts Live JUNE 26th , 2023 and with your ticket purchase you have 48 hours to each day replay access.

Who The Heck Is
Marina Simone?

Hey, Marina here and 10 short years ago, I was a broke single M0M looking to get her car back from being repossessed while I was at work and to worsen it all…

Because I was stuck in a cubicle..

I missed my daughter taking her first steps and felt like the worst mom ever 

I thought to myself, “What else would I miss in her daughter’s life if I continued this way?”

It was later that month, an old friend from high school told me I could make money from a supplement. 

I was sold, but instead of finding success...

I NEVER made 1 dollar from 2 years in my first Network Marketing company.

Giving up was not an option as I could not imagine failing my daughter AGAIN.

That was when I discovered these strategies that I will share with you and went on to build a 60,000+ Customer And Distributorship Base In My Second Company In Less Than 2 Years. 

With no influencer support or sugar daddies LOL, I have built a 7 figure income business using these exact same strategies I will share with you in this 5 days challenge. (Yep I Said no sugar daddies LOL)

And it’s not just me...

I also gave these strategies to over 6,648 network marketers and many of them have gone from broke/without sales to making sales every day. 

Many have done 6-figures + a year and many 7-figure a year in their network marketing businesses…ALL from social media...NOT all had the confidence in the beginning. 

And in this 5 days challenge, I would be giving you these EXACT strategies to use to get 20-100+ targeted leads with my proven Story Mastery Daily Strategy.

"She keeps it simple and comes up with the best practical strategies to help anyone with or without experience crush it in their business!"


Top 100 income earner in ALL of network marketing + 
CEO of My Lifestyle Academy LLC

"I've grown my following to over 100k on social media...I've also been able to build out multiple six-figures not only with my branding but I am one rank away from the top rank in my company..." 



"She has been one of the most pivotal parts of my business growing bigger and faster than I ever could have imagined."


7 Figure + Earner and Badass Leader Ceo of #bunchabadasses

"I hit $100k annually in my company! Thank you for everything you do!"

Lynn Hendricks

CEO Hendricks Global LLC and Top Earner and Seller in Network Marketing/Social Selling

"It's crazy because with just one free challenge we got over 3,000 new leads in 1 week and keeps growing organically!"


Top Latino Earner in her Company 
+ CEO Totalbosses 

"Using Marina's strategies we have been able to help our team use social media to enroll new customers and new team members!"


Top Earner for over 20 Years in the Industry of Network Marketing

These Social Media Strategies I Will Share With You ARE NOT what you will see in network marketing books, Youtube™ videos, or mini-courses.

99% of the strategies in those don’t work anymore and give the industry a bad name. 

Did you know that 58% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories. 

Think about the power of showcasing your products or sharing success stories with your audience through engaging stories!

With these new strategies, you won’t be spamming anyone, making them uncomfortable or angry, or begging for the sale and getting ghosted.

Neither would you be spending hours doing funny dances a hundred times just to never post it. 

20 Mins A Day And Watch 100+ Targeted Leads Reach Out To Do Business With You

Even if your stories are crickets right now and you have no idea how to get the right people to follow you, 

Like Dena,

I will hand you the strategies to get CONFIDENT AF so you increase your engagement in your stories.

You will get the exact step-by-step tutorial to get the job done and the push to do it imperfectly such that your confidence SKYROCKETS and you begin to DOMINATE.

Network Marketers from across the world have used this Story strategy I give to generate 100's of targeted leads and sales 

Meet the amazing concierge team during the 5-Day Challenge:
Get Messages Just Like This From Targeted Leads Because Your ENERGY…Your CONFIDENCE…IS Irresistible To Them:
“Hold on Marina, are you going to use a magic wand? 💫 How shall these things be?”

Buckle that seat belt mama, because I’m about to take you on a ride of your life these 5 days:
You're Probably Asking...

"What makes this challenge different than the others?"

I'll let the Heelers tell you WHY...

You have 2 options to join 

First Option you will see is the VIP PLATINUM TICKET Lead Slayer Experience where you get 2 hours of prospecting with Marina Simone in Power Hour Zooms and 1 Goal-Setting Onboarding Zoom With Marina, ​Marina's EXACT Scripts, a personal concierge to help guide you through the challenge (only for the first 100 to enroll!) and the opportunity to network with other Lead Slayers inside the private Facebook™ group.

The early bird Lead Slayer General experience (Regular Ticket) where you can get a personal concierge to help guide you through the challenge (only for the first 100 to enroll!) and the opportunity to network with other Lead Slayers inside the private Facebook™ group.

Join the Challenge TODAY with this EARLY BIRD OFFER And YES! It's Okay If You Can't Be There LIVE EVERYDAY, each day I'm Gifting You 48 hours-Access To The Replay FOR FREE

🌟VIP Lead Slayer Experience🌟

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VIP Pricing $97  

VIP Lead Slayer Virtual Experience Includes:

  • A personal concierge to help guide you through the challenge (only the first 500 who purchase)
  • ​Access to 5 Days of live coaching with Marina Simone
  • ​Workbook for Days 1-5 so you can stay on top of targets
  • ​Opportunity to network with other Elite Heelers inside the VIP Group.
  • ​Chances to win Swag + Fun Interactive Contests
  • 1-Week Access To Replays In The Facebook™ Group
  • ​5 Bonus Entries Into The $500 GRAND PRIZE Raffle
  • ​VIP Ticket for Prospecting with Marina (3 Hours)
  • ​Heeler Swag Shirt (Value $30)
  • ​Power Hour Worksheet 
  • ​Marina's EXACT Prospecting Scripts (Given During Prospecting Zoom)

Purchase for Live Challenge Is non-refundable. 

Early Bird Lead Slayer 
General Admission Ticket

Regularly $297
Early Bird $47


  • A personal concierge to help guide you through the challenge (only the first 500 who purchase)
  • ​Access to 5 Days of live coaching with Marina Simone
  • ​Workbook for Days 1-5 so you can stay on top of targets
  • ​Opportunity to network with other Elite Heelers inside the VIP Group.
  • ​Chances to win Swag + Fun Interactive Contests
  • 1-Week Access To Replays In The Facebook™ Group
  • ​5 Bonus Entries Into The $500 GRAND PRIZE Raffle
  • ​VIP Ticket for Prospecting with Marina (3 Hours)
  • ​​Heeler Swag Shirt (Value $30
  • ​Power Hour Worksheet 
  • ​Marina's EXACT Prospecting Scripts 

Purchase For Live Challenge Is Non-refundable. 

Choose your option below:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

🌟VIP Platinum Ticket🌟

Regularly $497
🌟VIP Platinum Ticket Pricing $197 🌟  

*available in two bi-weekly payments*

Platinum Ticket Lead Slayer Virtual Experience Includes:

  • ​Private Facebook™ Messenger Group Chat With Marina Simone + Top Network Marketing On Demand Coaches (Value $997)
  •  Lifetime Access To The Lead Slayer Recordings (Value $97)
  • ​5 Bonus Entries Into The $500 Bingo Cash & Prizes Raffle
  • ​2 (two) Power Hour Group Zoom with Marina (Value $2997) 
  • ​1 (one) Goal Setting Onboarding Group Zoom With Marina Simone (Value $1997)
  • ​Marina's BONUS Scripts (Given During Power Hour Zoom) (Value $397)
  • ​$500 Coupon For Network Marketing on Demand
  • A personal concierge to help guide you through the challenge (only the first 500 who purchase)
  • ​Access to 5 Days of live coaching with Marina Simone
  • Workbook for Days 1-5 so you can stay on top of targets
  • ​Opportunity to network with other Elite Heelers inside the VIP Group.
  • Chances to win Swag + Fun Interactive Contests

Purchase for Live Challenge Is non-refundable. Bi-weekly payment option available.

After this 5-Day challenge you'll have hundreds of hot story leads to speak to and know


Thanks to your brand new CONFIDENCE and STORY MASTERY STRATEGY. 

And you’ll do it without sending cold messages, being spammy or forcing your offers down people’s throat

Neither would you be spending hours a day coming up with funny dances or trying to keep up with silly trends 

You’ll have your CONFIDENCE & know exactly what to post, when, and HOW TO POSTURE AND POSITION YOURSELF AS A LEADER PEOPLE WANT TO FOLLOW all from your Instagram and Facebook stories.

Instead you’ll have prospects asking you for help, paying in full for your products and begging to join your team…while your confidence continues to SOAR

Yes, you heard that right, you will have prospects begging to join your team because of the system you will get to implement in this challenge

It contains the exact strategies I used to grow two successful network marketing businesses with no upline help, no money on ads, no spamming and have helped thousands of my students DOMINATE since 2017.

And is responsible for the 6++ figure businesses my clients have built while having the time for family and the kids


The “cost” of this challenge for the VIP Ticket (which is def the way you want to go for MAX results fast)  is a tiny $197, and you get access to your workbooks, a support community and personal concierge for the first 500 that immediately sign up today. On average, our Lead Slayer Challenge brings in 800 registrations for the challenge.

And your inner skeptic may be asking “Will I get the result you promised and all that support for just $197?”

The truth is, it is just $197 because, while I could serve fewer people at the higher ticket price it’s valued at ($997), but I decided it’s best I serve more people at a lower price point for VIP. 

That way, more people get to experience working with me and my team for 5 whole days, and maybe they might eventually love it and choose to become one of those who work with us for a year or even more!

So, this is my way of getting you to experience how I do what I do.

Bonus #2: SOS Facebook™  Tracker
(Value $47)

  • How to Educate, Entertain, and Empower your following and get them to click LIKE or to COMMENT! 
  • ​​How many times a day you should be posting on Facebook™ to avoid SPAMMING your following! 
  • ​​How to drive up your Facebook™ posts and be seen by more niche leads! 

Bonus #3: SOS Instagram™ Tracking Guide
(Value $47)

  • Be seen MORE on the Instagram™ feed 
  • ​​Stand out from the other network marketers on the platform
  • ​Get HIGHER engagement and become unforgettable

Bonus #4: SOS TikTok™ Tracker To Generate More Leads (Value $37)

  • Get specific daily action steps to generate even more niche leads from your TikTok's™
  • ​Understand what type of videos you should be putting out weekly 
  • ​Printable PDF guide to keep track each week
Don't Let This Be You...

Here’s why…This offer is extremely limited and won’t last long!

The 5-Day challenge is happening live and with the heavy demand on my time to my high-level clients, doing it again is highly unlikely and even if I do, it would not be soon. Our last one was 6+ months ago...

And you know what happens when you say you will check back on a thing, right?

Life gets in the way, and you forget, and by the time you are ready, it is gone.

So, before that happens, now that this page is still here, it means the offer is live

*does a quick happy dance*

You can call your network marketing bestie and tell her you’ve made it. But know this, I reserve the right to pull it down at any time with no notice.

(and have reluctantly had to do so in the past…damn you Rona!)

So, to ensure you don’t miss out, act now… Otherwise, you’ll be sadder than all the dead Christmas trees in the world.

Now here are some FREE bonuses you will be getting for signing up


Bonus #1: Special Message Reminders From Your Very Own Virtual Concierge During The 5 Days

(Value Over $1997)


The VIP 5-Day Lead Slayer Challenge Ticket usually goes for $997 in past editions and the bonuses on their own sell for $997 but today I want to give you access for $197

Why only $197? Well I chose to charge $197 because it is affordable for more people than the valued ticket price ($997) so more people will get to experience how I work 

So for a very limited time before we change strategy or move the price up, I’m giving away this 5 days challenge for just $197

Who are we giving access to?
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Questions? Email: support@momsandheels.com 

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

xo Marina Simone

P.S. In case you're one of those people who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm hosting a 5-day challenge that allows you to implement the strategies for Instagram and Facebook Stories that guarantee 20-100+ niche leads per day for your network marketing business…no matter where you are in your network marketing journey (shy introvert who isn’t comfortable creating, someone who has no niche, or someone who struggles with self-sabotage). 

We have used these strategies to generate 778,799 Niche Leads In Just 5 Days in our previous challenges.

All you pay is a tiny $197 for VIP or $94 for the General Ticket.
P.P.S As a free bonus, I'm also giving you 7 bonuses containing Bonus #1: Special Virtual Gift From Concierge, Bonus #2: SOS Facebook™ Tracker, Bonus #3: SOS Instagram™ Tracking Guide, and Bonus #4: SOS TikTok™ Tracker To Generate More Niche Leads for freeeeeee. (Valued over $3497)

There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that. No shenanigans of any kind.

Congratulations to the Lead Slayer Graduates!
Here are some recent graduates with their certificates:
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